Welcome to Fancy Feathers, Atlanta’s best parrot and exotic bird store.

bird and parrot cages

Bird Cages

We feature top-quality bird cages to keep your parrots safe. Visit the Fancy Feathers parrot store in Atlanta to see cages that will fit parakeets to the largest macaws.

Parrot Toys Bird Toys Atlanta

Parrot Toys

Hundreds of foot toys, chew toys, cuttlebones, and more are in stock at Fancy Feathers bird store at wholesale prices to keep your bird happy.

bird foot, parrot food

Parrot Food and Nutrition

Fancy Feathers in Atlanta sells premium parrot food to keep your companion bird healthy. Zupreem, L’Avian, Pretty Bird, and even our own Fancy Feathers blends can be found right here in Atlanta.

We also sell hand-raised parrots that are gentle and tame. Services  include beak and nail trimming and wing clipping.

Hand-raised baby birds

Hand-raised Parrots

Our expert staff has been raising birds for decades. Most parrots available at Fancy Feathers are hand-fed and socialized with humans to make for loving companion birds.

Parrot play stands

Bird Perches and Play Stands

Exercise is an essential part of a parrot’s daily activity. Play stands allow your bird to stretch its wings and socialize more with you.

Parrot Health

Bring your parrots into Fancy Feathers for gentle beak and nail trimming, wing clipping, and socialization questions.

Wholesale Prices on all Bird Products Direct to the Public. We ship bird seed, toys, and other bird-related items. We also sell small animal food and litter supplies.


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Brenda Bean of Parrot Productions in front of her Fancy Feathers Bird Store